PotPie CUP CAKES.. comfort food at its best.. THAT is what i think of when i read your recipe for the Pot Pie cupcakes. SOUNDS DELISH. Cant wait to try these. thanks

Fork and Beans

Everything is fodder for the soul. This was the meditation of one of my professors in grad school that, whether I wanted it to or not, has been forever etched into my internal audio tape. The basic meaning behind it is that everything that happens in your life is always an invitation to grow, become more aware, or even find an extra inch of loving-kindness within yourself, regardless of how trivial the circumstances seem.

You could open up to the opportunity to practice this meditation even while you are shredding tax papers into 7 full trash bags for 3 hours straight (hypothetical, of course). Shredding papers can bring you the realization that you like to think about future circumstances in order to escape from the reality of now (hypothetically, again). The point is that nothing is ever too small or menial to open up to learning more about your authentic self. Even tossing a paper…

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stack ’em. [bacon, egg & spinach breakfast stacks]

wow.. I love Stackable food.. Eazy, Breezyyyyy

You might not believe me (or, you might) when I tell you that this is a Weight Watchers recipe. My mom and I made a few of the recipes while I was home this past weekend, and I’ve got to tell you–they’re fantastic!

We made these bacon, egg and spinach stacks on Mother’s Day morning. One breakfast cup was the perfect amount of food to tide us over before lunch at the country club. Though I’m not on the diet, I will most definitely make these again.

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