NASBAR continued

ok, well we got another chair picked up that was completed. here is the picture

Im loveing it..

Eddie Murphy Furniture Refinishers and Austins Upholstery Rocks

So anyway, I’m waiting on ONE more piece of furniture.. Our Settee.. cant wait to see it completed. Gosh, this is so exciting. I’m also posting the other pictures that I promised I would take of the NASBAR. Just remember, I’ve still got to get another picture once we have taken the Settee home.. EXCITED… yes, yes I am…




Kyle Busch has got to be the loneliest NASCAR driver ever. He’s led so many laps, & he never sees anybody in front of him for two-thirds of the race. He just sees clean racetrack … he’s the MayTag Guy” – Kyle Petty



We are hard at work trying to get the NASBAR ” revamped.  Pictures to follow later this week of the rest of the furniture and the pool table Redo, or at least  i hope i can get them done… Randy and I are always trying to find something new and affordable to add to the bar.

Well I came across an old Antique Settee that my Upholsterer friend had for sale, I bought it and he gave me 2 antique chairs someone had left and wouldn’t pick up, so i let him upholster all of them for me. I bought the material online at I found the PERFECT pattern for the NASBAR furniture.. then I decided on the color schemes, which are (VIBRANT) Stop Sign Red, Lime Green and Black & white and just WENT WITH IT from there. So far I LVE IT.. cant wait to show you all the pictures of EVERYTHING once we finish the remodel. WOW what a flipping expense.. Worth every penny, but whewwwwww..  I know we do. This is a link to my Nasbar board on pinterest with a little more detail on what im trying to accomplish with my colors, ect.. Anyway, I hope you like it……….