We are hard at work trying to get the NASBAR ” revamped.  Pictures to follow later this week of the rest of the furniture and the pool table Redo, or at least  i hope i can get them done… Randy and I are always trying to find something new and affordable to add to the bar.

Well I came across an old Antique Settee that my Upholsterer friend had for sale, I bought it and he gave me 2 antique chairs someone had left and wouldn’t pick up, so i let him upholster all of them for me. I bought the material online at I found the PERFECT pattern for the NASBAR furniture.. then I decided on the color schemes, which are (VIBRANT) Stop Sign Red, Lime Green and Black & white and just WENT WITH IT from there. So far I LVE IT.. cant wait to show you all the pictures of EVERYTHING once we finish the remodel. WOW what a flipping expense.. Worth every penny, but whewwwwww..  I know we do. This is a link to my Nasbar board on pinterest with a little more detail on what im trying to accomplish with my colors, ect.. Anyway, I hope you like it……….


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